Help, I'm a beginner

I am a beginner, and I have difficulty understanding …
Could someone make the plan below for me in 3D?
Thank you.

Hi -

Where did you get stuck?
I would recommend starting with the tutorials, but for this object:

  • Run Circle
  • Type 0 for the center point
  • Check the Diameter option
  • Type ´1300´
  • Repeat the previous steps for the second circle
  • Select both circles
  • Run ´ExtrudeCrv´ and make sure that both ´Solid´ and ´DeleteInput´ are set to ´No´
  • Type ´200´ for the distance

At this point, both curves are still selected

  • Run `PlanarSrf´

Note: feedback to whomever created that illustration: there is one too many dimensions on that drawing and to make it “right”, one of those should be in round brackets.

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:see_no_evil: :rofl:

i just wonder, with out trying to make this even more ridiculous than i am seeing it right now, how does one end up in a forum specially dedicated for this software asking such a basic question that it knocks my shoes off?

sorry if that comes across cynical, but i can not help it anymore.

having a terrible guilty conscience for speaking out loud my naughty thoughts, i created this tube for you. you can also use the command Tube enter all dimensions in a sequence, after each value hit enter or space. that will complete you this tube.

3D.3dm (3.9 KB)