Help identifying these icons?


I can’t seem to find them in any GH component charts or locating them in any way I can come up with. Please, would anyone be able to help me identify these icons?




Many thanks in advance!

Looks like an old merge component

Thank you Baris, I think so too.
It would be so amazing to have a chart with old and new ones :sweat_smile:

I just edited my post, as I found two more I just couldn’t locate.

Would guess a) is weld and b) mesh edges.also sometimes it can be helpful to post the source.

B) looks like a C# component because it has an ‘out’ parameter. I think someone wrote some custom code and provided a custom icon. There’s no guarantee this component has been made available anywhere in an official fashion.

Thank you both for your input!

I am trying to recreate this abstract bridge construction from the 2011 student portfolio of Rodrigo Ruiz.
Perhaps this is too old, as it refers to T-splines - which I’ve read might not be compatible with Rhino 6, as I am using. Although, I might be wrong.

Source page 20-21 on:

on a pc now. It could be mesh edges from weaverbird and weld mesh from another plug in(dont know which since its under the standard mesh tab)meshU

I think you can get there without T Splines(is it used there?)
You could make your Zig zag surface(in Rhino for example) than mesh it and relax it.

The second component is from here

You might want to see this thread in old GH forum.

Thank you! I will do this.