HELP! I need to make lines perpendicular to a point

Hello !, I need help to make lines perpendicular to a point, to make some lattices for a building, I hope you can help me! Thank you[TEST LINE RH.3dm (3.8 MB) TEST (7.7 KB) ](http://)

TEST (7.4 KB)
i use a cross product!
good luck

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thank you!

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“perpendicular to a point” doesn’t make sense. What you mean is perpendicular to a curve at a point. Furthermore, the curves are all in the World XY plane.

Why polylines instead of smoother Nurbs curves? Is it primarily intended to affect spacing?

I used Discontinuity points (after Reduce PLine) to create Nurbs curves and then placed an HFrame on the Nurbs curve at each “discontinuity” point (Crv CP) and used it for the direction of the Line SDL. (12.7 KB)

By the way, the first two curves in the “out” param are not polylines so they break the code.

P.S. Here is a slightly different approach that has two “improvements”:

  1. It uses Discontinuity points before Reduce PLine to create smoother Nurbs curves and
  2. uses DivLength to evenly space the HFrames instead of .Discontinuity points after Reduce PLine, though a switch (blue group) is provided to use either method. (16.4 KB)