Help! i need some help to build this file for a project

I really want to build this Toaster for a project but I don´t know how to start, it is kind of hard to get the body, maybe someone can help me out D:

Hallo kleiner Hase,
how can I help you?? I am also a new in this Forum. I am from Germany in NRW. Best Regards…

Hallo, ich habe Schwierigkeiten den Korpus zubilden, die angaben sind zwar gegeben aber mir gelingt es nicht die linien und Bögen richtig zusetzten , hätten sie eine idee welche schritte / Koordinaten nötig sind (sieht die jpg)
Viele Dank

  1. The drawings says that the body is created by two major constant radius surfaces, with radius 300 mm and 900 mm, respectively. This means that you can build such arcs on the ground level and extrude them vertically using the “Extrude crv” command. Make sure that you create arcs larger than the body on the drawing, because later you will need this extra length.

  2. Then, use “Rebuild surface UV” to rebuild those surfaces only along the vertical direction V (set each of them to be Point count 4).

  3. Then show the control points of the resulting surfaces (“Points on” command) and use the Gumball to move some of them until you make them look similar to the shapes in the drawing.

  4. Create one horizontal surface and edit its control points to make the top shape of the toaster. Make one on the bottom, too.

  5. Once you do that and the 6 surfaces intersect with each other, you can use the “Create solid” command to combine them into a single closed 3d model.

  6. Then, you can proceed with adding rounded corners via the “Fillet edge” command following the same radiuses as specified on the drawing. To do that, you will have to place some extra handles along the corners via the “AddHandle” option from the command line while the “Filled edge” command is still active.

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Take a look at this video. It should give you an idea of the workflow: