Help, I can't work anymore - how to install an old Rhino version without to lost all plugins and settings?


the mesher of the latest Rhino version create such a dense meshes that I can’t work anymore. I’m in a very critical situation for my projects. I need to jump back. But how can I keep my Rhino setup, the settings and plugins?


What do you mean with “Rhino Version”?

I have problems at Version 6 SR22 and I would like to jump back to SR18 or SR19.

In this case it should be possible to keep your plugins and config. Just you have to download older release. Someone from McNeel should give you link, cuz they keep them secret for some reason.

@pascal, @nathanletwory, can you help?

I have an old SR18 here, but I get the message to uninstall my current version first.

Do it. Plugins and configs are not uninstalled. AFAIK

I keep my settings and toolbars on a cloud and every new installation I have to tell Rhino where they are, but if you use defaut files, they will be kept

I got an other idea - I renamed the Rhino folder and take an installed Rhino folder from a backup. So, SR19 is running now, but the problem with the meshing is still there. Maybe I found an older backup.

Or something other is wrong here. which cause the problems with the mesher.

Thank you @ivelin.peychev Ivele for you quick help.

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If you can share a few geometries then we can test meshing on those. What mesh settings are you using?

I have had had some odd meshing moments and it might be related.

I guess the 0.1 or 0.01 denseness setting alleviated your problem?

Right, Nathan, it works now. :slight_smile:

In most fields of that dialog a 0 means to the algorithm “choose whatever you like” (aka automatic). I don’t know what changes there have been between v5 and now, though.