Help! How to measure angles of lines/ vectors in Grasshopper?

Hello dear community,
I am trying to design a sort of canopy using Grasshopper and I need your help as I am not so experienced with the programe, trying to get better though. The canopy has this curvy shape towards the exterior, which was defined by two sinus curves along the y and z direction, using the Graphmapper tool. Now, I want to find out the minimum and maximum angles of the lines/vectors in xz direction. As you can see in the screenshot below, the angle changes throughout the entire shape. I appreciate any suggestions that you can give me. I also attached the Rhino and Grasshopper file (+remap tool) if you want to take a closer look.Remap .ghuser (5.3 KB) (30.9 KB)
Canopy_03102018.3dm (11.5 MB)

You should provide base plane for measuring angle… (38.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for your help! I saw now what you did there. Yes, I should have included the xz plane and the x vector as references also. Makes sense now, thank you! :slight_smile: