Help! How to divide trimmed surface into multiple equal parts

suppose the area of the surface is 3000sqm I want to divide this surface into 10 equal parts of 300sqm


Check out some tutorials on Galapagos or other evolutionary solvers. There are too many possible solutions for your problem, so you should go the route of optimization solving.

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Just a dividing method.

As Michael suggested,

This will also work. But it takes time and effort.

Look at this thread also


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I think you may have missed this part “I want to divide this surface into 10 equal parts of 300sqm” which is why I suggest Galapagos, he wants equal areas, not division spacing. On that shape I don’t think there will be another way, and the solutions might not even be linear divisions.

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Thank you, Michael Pryor

excellent, this is what I wanted to create can you please share the script I want to study it.

I tried to do it with Galapagos but still the areas are quite different

Check this.

Most of the time before asking a question it is good to use search in whatever search engine

But there were other discussions for example if it is a terrain and you don’t want parts “inside” …

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There are an infinite number of solutions to divide a surface into parts with equal area. Are there other constraints or goals?


Implementation of Sumit Khetarpal Dr. Rossignac idea, concept, logic.


More insight:

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Thank you BVR for your help!
I am very new to grasshopper can you please tell me how to load this Qt Script in grasshopper or proceed with this theory in grasshopper
Again thank you for your time and efforts.

@ajarindia Hey, How is Sumit Khetarpal’s algorithm implemented in grasshopper? *For non-computer scientist

Are you looking for the GH script?

Yes, if available!

Hi @ajarindia ,
have you published your script somewhere. Kind regards.