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Target effect

The “target effect” picture is the result I want. I tried it myself, but the result is not exactly the same. Please help me to see what needs to be improved. Thank you!

It is the same idea as an attractor to a point. But, in this case the hole size is based on the distance of the closest point to a curve.

Of the top of my head, the high points in the target picture show soft hexagonal lines, and the low points look like pure circles, so I’d suggest making your outer hexagons out of segments split at the midpoint, so you get 12 pieces, and making your inner holes out of regular 12-gons. Then connect the segments with quad mesh. Maybe tween between the inner and outer curves, for surface curvature control?

Here’s a quick manual drawing of the quad mesh topology I think is close to the example:

And here’s what the above topology looks like converted to subD:

If you can make the quad mesh happen, you can smooth it either with the subD components in the Rhino 7 WIP or you can try Weaverbird.

But over all I think the difference between the example and your definition is that you’re using circles inside and out, when you need hexagons tweening to circles, and approximating that with quad mesh will probably get you very close to what you need. You may need to reposition the outer rings that I’ve drawn or add another ring to get exactly the curvature of the example.

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