Help: how can I reduce thickness?

hello every one i done design , after how can i even thickness reduce half ?
cany one can help me ?

Hi -

You added a “mesh” tag to the post but, from that picture, it doesn’t look like meshes are involved…
At any rate, there is no easy way to reduce the wall thickness in those places. Basically, it’s a matter of starting all over again but some parts that don’t need changing can probably be copied, untrimmed, and retrimmed with new geometry. If you often need to change things like this, you might want to consider using Grasshopper to create this parametrically. It’s impossible to tell from just a picture, but I assume there is some kind of pattern involved here, with certain design details being reused in multiple locations and orientations…

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i am new user for rhino so thanks for your information .

You can use What command to find out what it is. If it is a polysurface, you can explode it before using SelPlanarSrf command to select planar surfaces. Next, you move the planar surfaces to different layer, you turn off all other layers, you manipulate the planar surfaces to reduce spacing between them by half, and you trim adjacent surfaces.