Help getting started with model

Hi there, does anyone know how to start with this model in grasshopper?

The beginning must come from you. As you want to use parametric tool what are yours parameters
Plank length width …
Global shape parameters or rhino model …
Begin with some thing and you’ll get help if you are stuck

  • The planks are all the same width.
  • The planks are curved from straight pieces.
  • The planks make a surface shape.

For what it’s worth, if I wanted to recreate this I would probably make some sort of surface, find geodesic lines on it (as timber laths will unroll straight), and loft through those paths with elements aligned normal to the surface. The properties of geodesics add some logic to what you are modelling in terms of fabrication and the materials being used in real life (before the grasshopper abstraction).

Anyone can make a shape in grasshopper, to get something out of the program think hard about what you put in first. As @laurent_delrieu mentions it needs to come from yourself.


That’s an earlier version of my definition. It looks good zoomed out but if you look closer or input more drastic curvature, you’ll see failures.

Here’s the one that worked best, it could still use some tweaks though. Tongue and Groove

I think there are way one could make it work better with closed curves, and/or use pufferfish’s “open curve” component to make it appear to work with combinations of open and closed curves.

Also, my definition can produce slats that are very bent when flattened out. It’s very possible to create something that looks great but that can’t be created in real life without some very tedious steam bending. Keep the slat cross sections small, circular or square and it will be more versatile. Or, depending on your application, go ahead and use wide flat slats and CNC cut them out of thin plywood.