Help find u count surface from point

i try to make mesh from surface when i divide it into point and rebuild a new surface. It must use u count but i cant find the U count to make surface. i also try the x+1 expression but it didnt work i am beginner please help me
roof (13.1 KB)
roof.3dm (41.5 KB)

Hi @Phumphat_Teachalikhi,

The easiest way is to work via meshes and use Quad remesh.
Nice roof by the way!

roof (16.2 KB)

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Thank you! This could work for my roof well :smile:. I try using attractor with height for my student project work

now also with surface. The surface from points works with untrimmed surfaces.
roof (12.2 KB)


Is there any way it can make void on the surface?

You can get your roof from Surface From Points by using Untrim, like this: (23.3 KB)

Geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file.

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Thank you! I appreciate for your helping :smile:

Yes. It would help if you specify the “void” shape? I used a circle. (26.2 KB)