Help: Fastest move camera and update view and rs.Redraw() bug?

As far as I know, yes. It would be nice to be able to do through Rhino Common though, but for Holomark I just run a testmaxspeed at the start.

Hi Jorgen,
In case this is helpful - by default when navigating the view in Rhino with Skylight shadows, when the camera is “on the move” (i.e. RMB-drag to rotate), the shadows degradation kicks in. The default setting for static view is 1 and for dynamic view is 2. So if you were to simulate the viewport performance with Skylight Shadows, you would need to set the “static” degradation to 2, since Rhino does not switch to “dynamic” degradation if you script the camera movements. I don’t know the inner works of HoloMark, but I figured I’d mention, since now we know how to make this part work inside of the script:


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