Help! Error message : an unreadable start section

Hi there
I am using rhino 6 and work on external hard drive. I worked on a file in the school computer (on my external drive) and saved it successfully. But when I open the file in my laptop (also on my external drive). It display the captioned message, also the dated modified is yesterday. Does it mean I have not saved while I finished working at school? How do I recover this file? If I use external drive, will rhino AutoSave at C drive?

Please help, panicking …


That file is probably toast.
If your external drive is failing, or if you disconnected it improperly and interrupted the writing; either way, that copy is most likely junk.

Your best option is to go back to the computer where you were working on it, and see if there is a recent Autosave version in the Windows Recycle Bin.

Take note of it’s location, and restore it.
Then use the Windows file Explorer to find it, rename it to something reasonable, and move it to a good location.
Open it and make sure it’s good.
Then maybe use a different Jump drive, and after copying the file, eject it properly and see if that gets you back in the game.

Any luck?

Thank you for your help !!
Sorry, just to clarify, find it in to recycle bin, rename, move it to good location (what is a good location?)
What is a jump drive? like a USB drive? My English is not good enough , can you explain more?

A good location is a place where you normally would have files, like the Desktop or your My Documents folder.

A jump drive or thumb drive is another name for a small USB memory stick.