Help: Easiest way to "listen" to changes?

I need a way to autoupdate a meshpatch (Since it doesn’t have history)
So is it an (easy) way to do that in Python?
Or is it best to put it all on a layer and manually run the update each time? (I have a script for that, but I would love to make it automatic) ((I also have a grashopper function for this, but again I would like to have it integrated)


What is the source of the changes? Who or what is changing the mesh patch?

If you have the object ID (GUID) of the patch object, you could add an event listener to Rhino.RhinoDoc.ReplaceObject, Rhino.RhinoDoc.AddObject and Rhino.RhinoDoc.DeleteObject. When an object in the document changes, these events are all raised.

Hi Menno!
Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay, I had a computer crash due to a faulty power supply so I had to reupgrade to Windows10 again after I replaced the power supply (the computer crashed during an upgrade… luckily I could revert back to Windows 7 and then reupgrade)

The source of the changes will be manual manipulation of points and curves. (These will be the sources for the mesh patch)

I’ll see how I can manage to bend my mind around this, thanks for the link!