"help" does not work Please Help

I am completely new to Rhino and complete beginner with CAD too. Just recently downloaded software with educational license. When accessing Help and then picking a command topic all I get is error line 1433, unable to get proper focus Code 0. Very frustrating since I am just learning anyway.
Thanks John

Do you get this error just trying to open the context help? Or does it happen when you try to run the gifs to illustrate the command?

The interface comes up normally when clicked on but if you click on any
topics in the “what do you want to do section?” I get "line 1433 char 5
unable to get proper focus of defined null ref code 0 …

Hi John - for now, try the online help:


Yes thats what i ve been doing as a go around, not to big a deal. Just
thought there might be a fix for. Bug/ defect. Thanks for responding though.

I get it too, but the page still opens on another monitor.

Atleast I m not the only one!