[HELP] Creating Pipe System

Hello Everyone,

i am working on a research project and have to design a drinking water pipesystem. I am completely new to Grasshopper and never used it before. I uploaded an Image of the system that I have to draw and calculate in Grasshopper. I did the calculations already on paper (Cross-Hardy iteration). The results are shown below. My Questions are:

  • With which Commands do I design in a best way the pipes?
    -How can I appoint specific Data to a point/line? Like that this much water leaves at a certain point?

I hope some could help me getting started with it. It is may first time with this program and I am quiet lost. I would be happy with any Input.

Best regards

Draw Lines. Then apply the Pipe command on the lines. With the Dot command, or TextObject command you can add text.

// Rolf

Er … let’s start from zero on that one

You want to create a full app (so to speak) using CH in GH ?? (https://cheguide.com/tag/hardy-cross/). By that I mean some kind of “all in one thingy” that does the maths/calcs AND the viz part ??.

And what sort of maths? (C#?)


And what sort of viz part? Just a 2d graph or something other?

If yes (Note: not the ideal first time case, he he) who’s gonna use that thing?