Help Converting Untrimmed Surface to Brep using Python


I need help converting an untrimmed surface to a Brep. I am trying to build a thermal zone for an EnergyPlus simulation (using the Archsim plugin), and for some reason it will not accept an untrimmed surface as a zone face. It seems like there is a simple way to convert an untrimmed surface to a Brep using python, I found some information about it here: Convert Surface to Brep inside Python component

I copied the script from the link above, but it does not work for me. My output is still an untrimmed surface :frowning:

I have attached a screenshot and a gh file. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I really appreciate any help!! (8.4 KB)

It already is a Brep. You can change the ‘Type hint’ on the Python input or run the surface through a Brep param, it’s still an ‘Untrimmed Surface’.