Help closing these curves?

Hey guys. I am almost done with this geometric construction. The only thing missing is that I need for this mush of lines to become closed triangles to plug the geometry into an analysis tool later (for context, it’s a gated community and these triangles are lots).

I have created the octogons as closed curves and the divisions are lines, so it looks ok but I am afraid closing the curves is actually gonna be a mess of point lists and trees. Does anyone know how to achieve this ?

Thank you in advance !

Since all your octagons have the same radius you could make one then orient them to the planes, including the internal triangles.

Or explode the octagon and draw lines from the end points to the octagon centre point and join them.

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thanks! I’ll try making a generic octogon and move it with all its geometry, that will at least take the hassle out of dealing with so much data