Help - Calling all surfacing experts

I’m stuck, I have to recreate a urethane nest. The original was split into 4 pieces during design, the customer now thinks that was a mistake and wants one solid piece. The original nest was designed in Solidworks by their internal tool room. I’m having a hard time matching the shape on the top of the box. I’m trying to get to the green box.


You’re trying to reconstruct it as one piece? There is a bunch of subtle stuff going on there that I have no idea if it’s important or just sloppy modeling but I can see it being troublesome, I would just modify the original geometry, extract the unwanted surfaces, see if you can bridge the gaps by untrimming what’s there.

Hi Don,

If I understand correctly, the top surface of the green box is what you’re trying to complete. The curves you have set up can be used for repeated Sweep2 surfaces but it works best in smaller parts as shown.

There are also sections that require trimming and for added shapes during the Sweep.

What is wrong with just modifying the original version? Why create a new one? All you have to do is fill in the gaps from where it was originally split.

@Brianj Thanks Brian, I had decided it was going to have to be done in sections, I have the rail done and it looks pretty good, I’ll work on the flats.