Help attaching geometry to end of arrayed edge

Hi Everyone,

I’m hitting a wall trying to attach a new geometry to the furthest arrayed geometry. I’m laying out hotel rooms with end suites. The end suites are twice the size of the regular rooms. What I’m trying to set up is a model where I can change the amount of regular rooms, or suites, but forcing the suites to attach to the furthest arrayed box. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

T.<Grasshopper (10.2 KB)

Not sure if you’re simply trying to select the last item of a list (of arrayed items) but sounds like it.

You can choose ‘list item’ and apply ‘reverse’ to the list input, or you can use the newer ‘FIRST/LAST’ component. Hopefully this is of help!

Grasshopper (34.0 KB)