Helmet Modeling

Hi everyone i’m trying to model a construction helmet as like the picture

And i have some trouble with the front of the helmet

Casco.3dm (1.2 MB)

Someone can help me with these model?



Hi Mau - I think it would be worth backing up and looking at, for example, the Level 2 training material

before taking too much time with the approach you’re showing…


Here’s how I would approach it (See file)
Helmet.3dm (313.9 KB)

I used revolve with the deformable option to get the bumps on
top but a sweep1 might work as well or better.
For the transition from the dome to rim I used blendSrf. The trick to getting the BlendSrf shape that you want is in figuring out where to trim back the surfaces that are being blended. The Cyan construction curves are what I used for the trimming.