Hello everyone

i have problem with boolean intersection, (Boolean intersection set is empty) i try to find some posts about but cant, pls help fix these problem! guide link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=226ESXK5tHg

i think your subd might not be closed
but it’s better if you upload your GH with internalized data

here rhino subd what i use and gh
for fail subd.3dm (333.6 KB)
fail gh.gh (6.0 KB)

the intersection fails only sometimes. you can still get the successful intersections

loks like do the same but have different result

Work with fewer points and reverse the inputs. Don’t graft them. And choose better file names.

it’s just a viewing option
turn the show selected and click on the cull component

oh thankyou very much!
all good now!

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fail_2024Apr6a.gh (22.2 KB)


I don’t know why but when I open the file I posted (version ‘a’) I am now seeing an orange fragment that appears to be the full size of the original SubD geometry :question: It appeared to work differently when I connected the SubD instead of the bounding box to Pop3D - but doesn’t anymore… :thinking:

In any case, what I meant to do was change Pop3D to PopGeo, like this:

fail_2024Apr6c.gh (22.4 KB)

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