Helix around a truncated cone

title says it all. how can I wrap a helix around a truncated cone surface? HELP!!! thanks in advance for your input!

Maybe do this:

Truncated Cone (TCone)
Twist the cone along its length axis (Twist)
Duplicate the twisted edge (DupEdge)

TwistedCone.3dm (95.4 KB)

Another method:

Twisted Cone (TCone)
Create Helix (Helix)
Pull Helix towards Cone (Pull)

PulledHelix.3dm (40.7 KB)

Hi Richards
Another metod is to use InterpcrvOnSrf like the youtube video

Ciao Vittorio

Hi Scott - Use Sprial for this, you can set separate radii at each end of the axis.


thank you everyone. spiral worked perfectly.

thank you everyone for all of your help. problem solved now and thanks to you people.

Thank you all good colleagues in this post! Your ideas are great!
I work a lot with special springs and “menno’s” method Pull helix toward… works perfect in creating any short of spring, conocal, spherical, convex and concave.