Heightfield from Image tool does not keep image settings

The Heightfield tool is not keeping the settings i gave to it. As you can see in the picture the leaves laying flat and the leaves stuck into the radish are the same leaves manipulated using the ‘Flow Along Curve’ tool. It kept the settings at first I noticed, then suddenly changed. Add to bug list.

Hi Justin - please send an example of what you are showing with the steps to reproduce, here, or to tech@mcneel.com.


To create this bug:
1)  Get a picture and use the ‘HeightField’ tool
2)  draw a line around some shapes using ‘Sketch’ tool
3)  Use the ‘Extrude Straight’ tool to make a surface that goes thought the Heightfield image that was built.
4)  Now use the ‘Split’ tool to cut the shapes out and set them beside the image
5)  build a sphere and use the ‘Line: Surface Normal’ tool to build some lines on the sphere
6)  build some lines that go through the shapes you made like a spine
7) Now use the ‘Flow Along Curve’ tool to build new shapes that flow along the lines that you made sticking out of the sphere
8) Now the shapes textures should look correct, but use the ‘Twist’ tool and the ‘Bend’ tool on them to make them look better and you should see that the texture that was made does not stay on the shapes. It moves revealing parts of the picture you used that you do not want it to show. the end.  So Rhino does not maintain the settings you created when using the ‘Heightfield’ tool.

The shapes in the above picture lying beside the radish and shapes sticking out of the radish should have the same texture(they should both look green) but they do not. and that is the bug.

Justin, you seem to be assuming that anyone using your procedure can reproduce your results - which may be the case. Unfortunately, quite frequently it is not the case, either because the other individual does not clearly understand exactly the details of what you are doing or there might even be some computer issues unique to you which prevent duplication on a different machine. That’s why Pascal would like a copy of your .3dm to work with - so he can get on the same page with you to identify what’s going on…

I think I can work with this- the relevant part seems to be that deformation tools like Twist do not keep the same underlying surface extents on trimmed faces - it shrinks the result. I am not sure this is really a bug, but just ‘how it works’.

Justin, what you might do, just shooting from the hip here, is do all your deformation on the untrimmed heightfield and the curve as well, then trim the resulting shape with the deformed curve at the very end.


Ok I’ll give that a try. The way that is works does not make sense to me intuitively, Intuitively the textures should stay the way i set them.

BTW that ‘noisifyCurves’ script you gave was interesting, but I was not able to get it to do anything useful, currently anyway. I was able to make the curve adjustments manually however, so no problem.


Yes, this is probably not the way to a make radish. The file is too big to upload here at about 30MB. But I wanted to see what I could do with Heightfield tool…