Heightfield from image - How to Reload image?

Hello! First post here and im a fairly new user of Rhino. I am making a render of an environment using Heightfield from image.

The heightfield im using is a gray scale displacement map im making myself.

However, each time i want to make a change to my height field, i have to delete my current one and import the image all over, making it really tough to do changes at later stages when other objects are added to the environment etc and it gets pretty hard to line things up properly, not to mention its just time consuming and annoying.

There has to be a way to simply re-load the heightfield for the already created mesh?

If anyone can help me i’d be very thankful. Also, please let me know if my question is unclear. I have done my due dilligence on google and i absolutley cannot find the correct info. Maybe im searching for the wrong terms being that im a new user.

Rhino For Mac. latest version/update.

I don’t think so. A heightfield mesh from an image is a “dead” object - once created it is no longer related to the original image via any kind of history.

What you can do to is create two point objects as snap points to snap the image to when importing. If your new image has the same proportion as the original, it should then end up in the same place.

Note you can make local changes to the heightfield mesh using the usual Rhino editing tools - for minor changes this might suffice instead of re-importing a modified image and starting over.

Lastly, and this is somewhat more complex, if you have the MacRhino WIP, you can use Grasshopper (ExplicitHistory) to reference the image with the image sampler component, and then create your heightfield “manually” (takes a couple of other components). Your heightfield will then be “live”, modifying the original image and saving it should update the GH heightfield mesh. However, the mesh in GH will be “virtual” until you bake it.