Height change before and after flattening

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does anyone know why the height changes before flatten and after flattening ? The distance is essentially the same between the Geometry and the point clouds in terms of distance before height ( unit Z ) is introduced.

Before flatten

After flatten

231218_Parametric Wall.gh (12.0 KB)

In case you don’t flatten the “P” output of Divide Surface, you’ll get all the points grouped by each tree branch. So, in their trees, there would be their unique domains of moving distance.

If you want to get consistent results by unflattened points with flattened ones, then you’ll need to flatten the “N” input ofBounds instead…

231218_Parametric Wall_re.gh (9.1 KB)

Thanks @HS_Kim . Could you explain a little more about the unique domains of moving distance? Id imagine in a 2D plane, regardless of the data tree structure, the distances are the same

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thanks Legend @HS_Kim !