Heavy yet simple 3D (hatch problem?)

Hello there!

I have been struggling for long in an attempt to understand why this simple 3D is so heavy: it is impossible to make2D or even navigate in the 3D workspace.

The problem comes mainly with complex hatches, in particular the one employed here. As this hatch is created in the drawing everything seems to slow down.

What I was trying to do here is to dress the surfaces of my polysurfaces with this hatch, explode it into simple curves and then make a 2D in order to have nice and detailed 2D results.

I would like to specify that I have performance problems only in this case, so I don’t think it’s a hardware related problem. Please find attached the 3D model and the .pat file of the hatch.

Maybe it’s a very simple problem (as often happens :slight_smile: ), anyways thanks for your suggestions/help.

SimpleHeavy3D.zip (13.4 MB)

Hello - you have 183,000 + curves in the file as is - if you Join them, (takes a while), things may move a little better.


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Thank you again for your assistance! Once again as simple as it seems:)