Heavy file (trim issue - solid difference)

Hi guys

I’m working with the file in the attachment. It’s extremely heavy even though i disabled almost every component.

Do you have any suggestion to make it lighter ?

unnamed.gh (51.3 KB)

“heavy”? Oh, I see:


It appears you are starting with thousands of segments and vertices from Explode, and while I can’t see all of what you’re doing (missing plugin?), there is a danger with that many items to graft the wrong thing and get WAY MORE than you intended, which causes things to get slow?

You can enable the Profiler widget and see which component takes the most time. Focus your optimisation efforts there.

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Thanks to both for the reply.

I had the main slowdown when i grafted two bounds components, to mach other lists that are grafted

Now the file seems to be not usable. Everything stucks as soon as i open it. Is there a way to recover it? And why this action (grafting bounds and connecting it in a remap component) is so heavy?

Because 3000 X 4200 = 12.6 million! Not sure how many you’re really dealing with but this can happen when you don’t understand data trees and grafting effects. Try working at a much lower grid resolution until you have your algorithm debugged. Examine the data structures at every step, make sure the item counts don’t go crazy.

thanks. ill try decreasing grid size, but seems i cant use that file anymore

As i undestood a grafted list is a “organized” list, that collects each single element in a sub list

You can disable the solver before opening the file, then make parameter changes and perhaps disable portions of the code before re-enabling the solver. Grafting is complex… when done with mis-matched data trees, it can happen accidentally and result in absurdly large numbers of geometry items. Never lose track of the number of elements at each stage of a model.

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Thanks a lot for your time.

I spotted the problem and solved it. now i have a different question

i have tis surface and i want to trim it with this a simple frame 20x30

But none of those element worked

This is the file i’m working on AlBaharHommade3.gh (65.2 KB)

If you can post an internalized version of your surfaces without the plugin, I might be able to help. You are trimming (SrfSplit) multiple surfaces with a rectangle? Then must cull remnants inside of perimeter?


You are my saviour :rofl:

Yes, i would like to trim the more complex geometry with the frame in order to cut of all unwanted parts

That will be a facade that i will apply to my building ( in some way)

Here it is the file with internalzed geometry AlBaharHommade3.gh (545.5 KB)

AlBaharHommade3_2018Mar18a.gh (555.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot :rofl:

Here is another approach that first creates solids (“Closed breps”) from the surfaces, then leaves trimmed fragments as solids.

AlBaharHommade3_2018Mar20a.gh (546.4 KB)

Solid bits!

The code above uses the pipe centerlines for trimming:

This version ‘b’ (below) uses the pipes to trim the shapes:

AlBaharHommade3_2018Mar20b.gh (548.3 KB)

you have been really helpful. it’s nice to see that there is such a good community around this software willing to help one another :relieved:

Hi i have a similar problem as before.
I’m designing another facade.


I have this portion that i want to trim with the following geometry:


After that i need to do another trim using this other geometry:


in the same file I’ve used “solid difference” and it worked, but it doesn’t with this one.

Then i have another question.
How can I move the left botom circilar geometry, overlapping it’s center with point in the immage below?


This is the file i’m working on ArabWorldInstitute.gh (58.5 KB)