Heavy and complex .stl import

I have been tasked for work to modify a fork that has been modeled before by another company. The file the company sent is an .stl, I can’t figure out how to import it properly in order to safely work with it. The model imported is extremely heavy and complex. I’ve tried my luck with QuadRemesh (I wish to work with SubD on this project) but I can not obtain any kind of good polysurface/Mesh/ or Subd model.
Is there something I’m missing ? I’m linking the .3dm of the imported fork if anyone needs additional info.
Have a nice day !
Fork_Heavy_issue.3dm (5.6 MB)

Hi Jacques - I would ask them for a .step/.stp file or iges/igs. There is not a lot you can do (easily) with a mesh like this unless they expect you to re-model it completely as surfaces…?
Re modeling this would not be too hideous -

(BTW, @Jacques1 please keep in mind this is a public forum - you may not want to put client’s work out here)


Hi Pascal, thanks for the quick answer. Unfortunately, there’s no way to obtain new files from them. To be more clear I only wish to keep the “fork” part of the fork and get rid of the entirety of the handle. Instinctively, it feels like it’s quite simple geometry, is there nothing I can do ?
(Thanks for the tip, fortunately, my client really wants something different so they don’t mind)
If nothing can be done, I’ll be remodeling it entirely indeed.

Hi Jacques - you can delete the faces on the handle easily enough but modeling anything new and making it match up to the remaining mesh will be hard to get right - the fork part looks quite straightforward to re-create from simple surfaces…
In case it is useful -
Fork_Heavy_issue.3dm (238.2 KB)


I’ll do just that then. Thanks for the info, overall, I needed more understanding on importing complex surfaces/format in Rhino for several other situations, so I guess I’ll know what to do onwards.
Thanks again for the speed and precision of your answers