HDR manipulation noob question

So in this situation I’m rendering with iRay and trying to add some bloom and glare in After Effects with ArionFX, but it applies to anything I’ve tried to do with Brazil in photoshop as well. I get my render looking generally as I want in Rhino, save a render as an HDR, open it up in the downstream application and the exposure is quite different, I have to start over with the tonemapping settings in that program trying to match it up, which it never precisely does. What am I missing to make this process easier?

Hi Jim,

This is what I get saving an HDR out of Rhino Render and opening it in PS. I suspect you’re doing something I’m not before saving the HDR.

and here’s after saving out the HDR from Brazil…

Are you maybe using Tone mapping in the Render window and then saving the HDR? That would account for the difference since the tone mapping wouldn’t be part of the HDR. I’d go with tone mapping as the last step in your process if you will be using HDR or EXR to transfer the image.

Hi Brian,

Yeah that was it, using tonemapping making my HDR no longer HDR. Noob mistake.

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