hello! one question.
Can I use hdr light studio in my new Rhino 6 license?

Not yet… I’m waiting too!

ok, thanks!!

Is this “TBD” in Rhino’s lap or HDR light studio’s? Just wandering who to check with.

This is on HDR Light studio’s hands. I asked about this like 1or 2 months ago, they told me the rhino plugin for rhino 6 was on the radar, but were not able to provide a date. Maybe if more people go and request the plugin they could have it ready sooner.

Yes! It’s true!

To be honest i doubt if it will be ever suppoted i asked them long time ago about some features which wasnt available only for Rhino. Besides i gave them a lot of use feedback and things to fix when using it with Rhino. Personally I believe that they just dont care anymore about Rhino pług.


Well, it would not be good news. We use hdr light studio very often and very good results. I hope you’re wrong.

@tonialba i wish you better luck with hdrls than i had but afaik they didn’t even bother to port new functionalities to rhino - hdrls plug since few yrs isn’t updated at all.