Having trouble with my lists


I am trying to create a region in my vase that has texture while the rest does not. For some reason when I interpolate the curves it totally mixes up the order of the points for some reason. I’ve been toying around with the list but to no avail.

The reason I’m working with contours is because I’m creating custom g-code.

Bonus points if you can figure out why the two breps aren’t joining properly and making one surface… which is why the object has been internalized and joined in rhino.

Thank you in advance!
wide textured vaus.gh (35.8 KB)


A pity to use plugins instead of standard GH components.

I’m open to different ways of doing things. If you know a simpler way I’d love to learn from you.

Delete the duplicate points then use the original curves to sort the lists of points.

You’re capping 2 untrimmed surfaces that are in different branches which results in 2 closed breps.

You need to flatten the tree, join the surfaces, and then cap the resulting brep.

240417a_wide_textured_vaus.gh (35.7 KB)


Thank you!