Having trouble making a mould

That is correct 2Dcube.

Im allmost done with the mould. But I cant seem to trim my upper part of the mould into the solid block I made. I’ve uploaded my file. im trying to make my blue part the cutting object and the red block the part that is getting trimmed. Maybe you know how. It seemed to work on mould below, I dont know why the same trick doesnt work again. Hydrofoil 5 - mould.3dm (2.6 MB)

Run the check command or SelBadObjects on that file to iron out the small issue:

You can run commands such as ShrinkTrimmedSrf and ShowEdges etc.

If you run the the command Intersect you’ll see the issue:

You can explode the cyan model end ExtendSrf to sort that out but I’d advise you to clean up the surfaces a little

There are several problems causing this to not work.

But before you bother with fixing anything. are you aware that the parting surface for the upper and lower are completely different? When you put the 2 halves of the mold together there is going to be a large gap between the 2 halves.

I would think you would want the parting for the upper and lower half to be mating surfaces without gaps. The best way to do that is make one good parting surface (polysurface) and use the same parting surfaces for both halves of the mold.


This is exactly what I would want. The two moulds should indeed fit onto eachother. I’ve used your way of using sweep1 to create the surfaces next to the fin. I’ve put the two halves on eachother and they really dont fit :cold_sweat:.

I am really breaking my head over this. Jim if you could explain how to fix this, I would be forever grateful

As I said the easiest way to get the parting to fit together well is to use the same surfaces for the parting of both halves.

Your blue parting has lots of problems so I would forget that one.
Your black parting surfaces are OK around the wings. The gap in the middle is messy and is made of way too many tiny surfaces some of which are bad objects.

In the enclosed file I used BlendSrf and Loft to fill in the gap in the parting surfaces in the middle. BlendSrf would probably work best to fill in both gaps in the parting but I didn’t want to have to redo the trimming so I used a Loft that matches your existing trim lines.

hydrofoil_5.3dm (1.4 MB)

You should be able to use Trim and Join to complete the 2 halves of the mold.

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