Having trouble isolating circle points to have separate control

I want to be able to control points 0 to 2 on all curves separately from the rest, I tried using a cull pattern but it would cause the surface to wrap around itself and become confused. Do I need to delete the surfaces, use the cull pattern, and then reapply the surfaces?

The reason is that I would like the roof to come out to a point where the 1 control point is, my solution was going to be to bake them, delete the surface I don’t want, and then reapply the code with different parameters and then join the surfaces, but I think it would be a lot more impressive to show my teachers that I’m able to control the entire thing with one code.

I was also wondering if anyone knows why the points rotated, when I first divided the curve the high point of the pentagram was sitting on the Y axis and now it is slightly rotated. I can easily rotate the model once I’m done but it would be nice if it just stayed like how it started…

I’m super new to Grasshopper and Rhino so I’m running into some problems I don’t know solutions for, I can keep trying forever but some help, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated <3

04-06-24_GH-training-17.gh (67.8 KB)

Wow, that’s really complicated! And three copies…? Assume I need to ignore the first two?

yes those were just from the practice I was doing, the lotus temple video by Rhino Grasshopper on youtube, sorry I should have deleted them

Sorry, I don’t really understand your description and your code is far too complex for my taste.

Using HUGE numbers (millimeters?) makes it impossible to see plane icons, which are very informative.

Good luck and have fun. Keep it simple :bangbang:

I see! It would make it a lot easier if I made it smaller and then scaled it up after, that’s a good idea for next time. I want to eep it simple butmy lack of experience is making it hard as I donn’t know the real cause of some of the problems but was able to find ways to fix them using more commands :laughing: I think I almost got it, I’ll keep trying.

Thank you for trying I appreciate it a lot

could you please state more clearly what you are trying to achieve?
points 0 to 2 in the image you have attached is more or less 60% of the points in the drawing, pretty generic :slight_smile:

I think I almost got it to work, I was able to use the cull pattern to control the lines I want, I’ll post here what I come up with, I’m working on it right now, basically I want this

were the black corner comes up higher than the rest of the peaks

It is almost emotional to see somebody appreciate this style of wires organization to this level. :sob:

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thank you so much, I think it’s part of being really new, I’m so scared I’ll lose things in the mess

it ended up pretty convoluted though haha

this was my solution, in case anyone wants to see

04-06-24_GH-training-17.gh (68.2 KB)

Now why didn’t anyone see that :question: :roll_eyes:

:sweat_smile: :sob:

I feel like there was probably a better, less complicated way to do it but I am so relieved

Thanks for looking y’all!

Me too. But I can’t even see the results for myself. :frowning: Have a care for your readers, eh?

it’s just because i did two codes, one for the one that looks like a 70s flower and one for the pointed part, so if they were both on it would look very messy, you would have to turn on the surfaces for the second last code bundle and then bake the 3 petals, then bake the pointed surface and join them all in rhino, then i rebuilt the whole surface, or created a new surface from it because for some reason it did not have UV directions. No need to be upset, I was only asking for advice. Thanks for your concern. Have a wonderful life Joseph