Having trouble inserting edge loops on this SubD

This is the worst beginning to a moto bike seat cusion you’ll ever see :wink:

I’m trying to insert edge loops so that the structure of this cushion is reinforced. Here is a reference for the kind of seat height/structure I’m looking for…

Right now it looks like this.

And this is what I assumed I need to do, which is insert edges closer to the corners…

I have a few questions.

  1. I’m pretty sure my sketch is wrong. What would be the correct edge loops to insert and where? It’s hard to tell which faces they should ultimately be cut into.

  2. It’s extremely hard for me to wield the “Insert edge” tool properly. I just can’t get the hang of inserting a loop cut on the intended faces. Any chance of a mini demo?

File: Seat.3dm (64.1 KB)