Having trouble building a model from a drawing

I’m trying to learn GD&T and currently trying to dimension one of the problems in the book but the dimensions giving aren’t making sense to me. I need to cut into a cylinder with what looks like a diameter of 1.50 but starting height is 1.875 and length of 1.000 but the diameter of the cylinder would need to be larger to make the shape shown in the diagram so not sure what I’m doing wrong lol hopefully i’m making sense…

Hi Ryan,

What your saying makes sense. That 1.875 dimension looks incorrect. Looks more like 1.375 based on the scale and other dimensions.

I’m guessing the larger cylinder is 2 1/4" dia.

Really appreciate the feedback! I kept looking at the diagram for a while scratching my head, glad to know it wasn’t just me lol BTW this problem came out of GD&T Application and Interpretation sixth edition- wasn’t expecting to find errors, so assumed I was doing something wrong.

Best thing really is to assume nothing and just tell your instructor that there is a mistake and see what they say.