Having Trouble Applying Colors

Don’t know if this is a problem with a corrupted file or…? I imported this from a client file (SolidWorks). Am unable to get the correct appearing colors. The camera is supposed to be black. It will be under a gray plexiglass dome, so just needs to suggest a dark area that is the camera.

But It is just a mater of principal. I want to be able to assign colors and Rhino isn’t letting me do that.

FD camera.3dm (13.0 MB)

Select your surfaces and look at the object Properties inspector panel.
The display color is set to a fixed “Custom” color.
Change it to By Layer and switch to a Shaded display to display the layer color, or set a render material and use the Rendered display mode.

Thanks John.



I went to the object properties and made the changes you recommended:
Here is the rendered version:
I¹m doing something wrong.


I’m not convinced you understand what I tried to convey.

It looks like you have correctly changed the colors from “custom” to by layer.
That was the first step.

Now in a Shaded working display mode, your objects will display the color that is assigned to the layer in the Layer Panel.

In a Rendered display mode (what I think your second image is showing), your objects will display the material color assignment on the Layer Panel.

I’m in Windows but the control works the same on the Mac.

Your right John. I’m still not understanding. I just made all the changes you suggested and am about to through up my hands on this and since it is such a simple part, just revolve it to keep moving.

It just doesn’t seem like that is a good long term plan for future client files. But since I rarely use client files as something you my see…I can just ignore it till I get better at Rhino.

Hi Lonnie, I use windows version so I am hoping there are similarities. It looks like you are in the perspective view port to show your model. In the perspective viewport tab( upper left ) there is a black arrow. Click on that. You will see many display modes. The one John wants you to choose is “shaded” now you can go to your layers tab. Click on the color of the layer that is the camera. A color wheel should pop up. There is where you can give this layer the color you choose. Once you ok it you should see that object have that color. HIH — Mark

If you select the surfaces in question, and look at the Object properties inspector panel, are the surfaces really on the Layer you think they are on?

Here’s you file with the object properties set to ByLayer, the Layer color set to Red (for a Shaded display mode), and the rendering material set to green (for the Rendered display mode).

Does that get you sorted?
FD camera.3dm (9.7 MB)

Yes John. It works with the file you sent me and the one I just created with my revolve…However it doesn’t work with the camera part I got from the client.

OK, we’ve come full circle.

I modified the file you sent so it would work like you wanted.
This is the process I described that you will need to learn to do anytime you get a SolidWorks file.