Having to Use Flip Matrix With Anemone. No clue why

Hello all,

I’m using anemone to create some simple flocking behavior, However, the output after “end loop” is flipping the data structure making me use “'flip matrix” before I connect all the points. I included an image and a link that strips out all the BOID Library components for the sake of simplicity The flipping still happens with or without those components.

Any insight would help would be very much appreciated.

Grasshoper_Example.gh (11.2 KB)


Where’s the problem? I’m no programmer, but I think that’s because how Anemone records the loops. Every step in a new branch. Why you don’t want to use flip matrix? Never saw a boid+anemone script without.

You’ll learn much more about Grasshopper’s data trees if you answer this one for yourself…

The output is not flipping the data structure you are just misunderstanding “generations”. Each branch is a new generation for the collection of points (time/age). You flip it to group each points linear “history” to make a curve.

Thanks for all the responses @tim.stark @Michael_Pryor @Joseph_Oster . I haven’t been using Anemone very long (or Grasshopper really) and thought there was a high likelihood this “problem” was due to me missing something.

Thanks again.


Nope. You are using it correctly :smiley: