Having axis with point controls

Hi everybody,

I’d like to know how it is possible to have axis to transform the model, such as this video at 9.56min :

When I click the model and enter the command line: pointson It seems I can see the points to control the shape of my model, but I’ve no axis to help me out with direction, which is more complex if I’m in perspective view.

Any clue on how I could active this option? Or actually, modelling the shape with control + axis.

Best regards,


Hi David - in Rhino, use Construction Planes (CPlane command) and Gumball (various alignment options), as well as MoveUVN, DragMode (UVN and ControlPolygon).
Any of that help?

Hi Pascal,

I was seeking for the gumball command. Cplane is quite useful too. Thank a lot!