Have something wrong in the function AddInterpCrvOnSrfUV() -Python

(Jorin Chi) #1

The function AddInterpCrvOnSrfUV() does not work,because the function coerce2dpointlist() in 254 line in curve.py have 2 parameters.The second parameter is redundant.


The normal work

(Jorin Chi) #4

In my Rhino, must delete “True”,it work.Is this problem in chinese vision only?

my coerce2dpointlist() in utility.py has only one parameter.


In my Rhino

(Jorin Chi) #6

what about function AddInterpCrvOnSrfUV() in curve.py?


This is a coerce3dpointlist,don‘t coerce2dpointlist

(Jorin Chi) #8

AddInterpCrvOnSrf() is different from AddInterpCrvOnSrfUV() .


I’m very sorry,I see the wrong