Have GH search for curves

Hey everyone!

I have a question: As far as I know, to set one (or multiple) curves, you have to right-click the component, select “set curve”… select the curve in Rhino manually and you’re good to go. But I’d like for it to work with the Remote Control Panel (or similar).
Now, I cannot find a way to set a specific curve via the Remote Control Panel; but is there any sort of workaround?

I mean, there are components that can find the object nearest to a curve. Is there a way to have Grasshopper search, for example, for a specifically colored line or a line on a specific layer, choose this curve and set it in the curve component? So that you only have to add, say, a toggle into the Remote Control panel in order to set the appropriate curves and start running the script?

(Noob question: Could it be solved by writing a script in the C# component? Wanted to look into programming anyway…)

Hope I explained it alright! Thanks in advance and happy easter!

Hi -

You could probably use the Geometry Pipeline component and filter for both a specific layer and curves. As soon as you add a curve to that layer in Rhino, it will be available from the output of that component.

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that’s perfect. Thanks so much!