Hatches associated with current UCS

Can we have options for hatches to be drawn in current UCS? Same as for BoxEdit transformations were we can choose between world and current UCS.

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Hatches are normally drawn in the plane of the curves selected to make the hatch - maybe I don’t quite understand your request, can you post a sample of how you want it to work?

I would like to Hatch2 (for eg) be autoamtically adjusted to the square drawn in current UCS, the same way it does in the world UCS.

Hey, totally agree on that. By the way, this was by default in RHino 5.

Ah, OK, hatch angle… I was thinking in 3D… I thought this was already on the request list somewhere, but I can’t find it. I will make a new one.

I see that too. This looks like a regression from 5 to 6 that was never fixed… unless it was deliberate, but I don’t see why.

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Yeah exactly. I cant imagine this was deliberate. At least I cannot find single advantage of it…

Hmm, in looking through the Youtrack list, I see this which seems to indicate it was fixed and closed in 6.1 in February of 2019…


Obviously not working now however, so maybe it got broken again somewhere along the line… @lowell - can you check on this?

It’s painful to have hatch rotation angle manually adjusted and never precise enough.

In this post there are a couple of tools for incrementally rotating/scaling hatch patterns. You will still need to figure out the proper angle to rotate though.

Try this script…It is from @pascal. Before you run it, I recommend to swap to world top cplane.

HatchDirection.py (1.9 KB)

ah, too late :point_up_2:

I hope, it’s only temporary solution :slight_smile:

Hoho, @dan, @lowell
was this one picked up? :slight_smile:

Hi -

I think that this one answers the question. Does it?

Ummm, I think the question was more about the hatch made in UCS, so that origin angle is taken from the custom made CPlane.

But to the YouTrack…I tried to rotate the hatch, but the pattern keeps its angle…Is there any settings in history I need to enable/disable? @wim

Are you rotating just the Hatch, the hatch border curve, or both?
It matters.

From the developer notes in the bug report:
“Changed rotating hatches to rotate the pattern angle with the hatch.
Changed the way hatch pattern angle relates to history update so that rotating the boundary of a hatch made with history doesn’t rotate the pattern, but rotating both the hatch and the boundary at the same time does and setting the pattern rotation doesn’t break history.”

Hi -

Yes, that one was picked up by Scott some time ago and I now added this thread to the report: RH-50855.