Hatches and _Shear

When I shear the hatches and the surrounding rectangle, the interactive preview is ok.
But when the command finished, the hatch is not sheared.
Only the position is different.

Hatch_Shear.3dm (64.4 KB)

Hi Charles - I would say that this is a limitation of how hatches work. I could put deformation on the pile as a feature request but am not sure how realistic this is.

In the meanwhile, I’m wondering if Rhino should (1) automatically deselect the hatches when they are used as input for Shear, or (2) not show a sheared preview and keep the hatch in the same original position after the command is done.

@wim, why not delete the hatch and re-create it with the modified curves. Since the curves keep their ids this seems quite feasible.

I do see many applications if this is implemented.

But I think this could also be done via a script.

Hello Wim

If it is a limitation, then I wonder why it is possible to edit a hatch using the control points. :dizzy_face:

Also scaling works, but not UDT.

With the upcoming gradient hatch, all the deformations should work.

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Added to the pile…

Shearing the input curves should work, for now, if the hatches are made with History.