Hatch with solid and line hatching (combined)

Would it be possible to create hatches that combine solid colors and black line hatchings. We found this to be very useful to achieve schematic and readable drawings. This feature exists in many other CAD applications.

For example:

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It is possible to hatch the same area twice - or even copy the hatch in place and then change the hatch definition on one copy - so you can combine a solid hatch and a line hatch, and adjust the color of each independently. You can use the draw order commands to set which hatch is displayed in in front of the other - BringForward/BringToFront/SendBackward/SendToBack. You could then group the two hatches.

But no, there isn’t a specific command/entity for doing this in one shot as far as I know.



thanks. That is how we did it. It is a bit complicated to draw resp. update.

Hi mattias - thanks, added to the pile as




The Solid / Pattern hatch combo is definitely something that is really useful for architecture - has there been any development on this?