Hatch wish: Boundry as option even with pre-selected curves

I wish for the Boundry option even if I have pre-selected the curves.
Sometimes Hatch chooses the “wrong” logical sollution and I have to cancel and run the command again and then select again.


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Hi Jorgen - you get the Boundary option as a check box in the dialog, even with preselection- is that what you need?



I have to say though: The GUI is a bit all over the place. A checkbox is usually used to toggle on and off options, and I can toggle it off, but if I toggle it on again then it does not remember the boundry selection. And if I use that checkbox once then it “remembers” to use boundry the next time, which does not really make sense. And I also think that Combineregion should be an option there too, + delete input, so these options are together, and not some in the dialog box and some on the commandline.

Anyway: Thanks Pascal!

Hi Jorgen- I agree, it is messy, and messy in any case to bounce back and forth between dialog and command line for options in a command- we have more than one of these.