Hatch over surface in block issue

  1. Create a surface
  2. Hatch over it using its duped border (get rid of the border)
  3. Block those two
  4. Double click on the block
  5. Set base point
  6. Click ok to exit
  7. (have Near Osnap on) Rhino.GetPoint will now be forced to snap to the hatch only. It will not return hatch ID.
  8. Double click on the block
  9. Click ok to exit
  10. Now Rhino.GetPoint will allow to pick point snapping to the surface and will properly return surface ID.

Having filter off for hatches doesn’t affect Rhino.GetPoint at all. You’ll still be forced to snap only to hatch.

Desirable solution: make Rhino.GetPoint ignore hatches or prio other geometry in case of overlap.