Hatch orientation

In V5, hatches orient to the object. If I have wood grain running down a leg and I move or rotate the leg, the hatch moves with the leg.

In V6, hatches orient to the world. If I rotate a table leg, the grain stays oriented to the world and it’s no longer correct.

Is there a variable that I can change so hatches work as they did in V5?


Hello - yeah… I am pretty sure this was a feature request. I do not know of a way to disable it - @Lowell - do you know?


Yeah, that would definitely be good - I have an exercise with some heavily hatched facades imported via dxf (bricks and the like) that are not aligned to XY - they are aligned obliquely to the site plan. When we rotate them to align to XY to work on them, it’s a complete nightmare.

I do a lot of cabinet work which has to be done in V5 because I use the straight line hatch to indicate plywood and the moment I reorient a section, the lines are wrong.