Hatch on text projected to surface not showing fully

text explode projected to surface apply hatch, it doesnt show or partly shows.

How can I get a filled in lettering on a surface ?
HATCH ON SURFACE issue.3dm (60.7 KB)


Hello- that is what BringToFront is for, if you want to use a hatch -you couls also split the surface, or use decals.


Hi, its for a fuselage so BringToFront when I look at the stbd side sees the lettering also showing and back to front when I need it only for the port side.

Please explain what split the surface entails.

decals, I type decals but see no command, how do I use decals as that sounds just the job :slight_smile:

Hello -




@pascal linked V6; here are also V5.


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Hi, I cannot see how to turn my text into decal, and the only two decal tuts on you tube I find, 1 is in spanish, the other has no sound.

Is there a decent site where folk speak in english and rhino has easily findable demos, type the word decal and a tutorial is found ?

I just cant see how to select my text and make it a decal and choose the surface I want to place it on.

its a slab sides surface curving at top and bottom, but I am racing against deadline and if I spend time trying to work it out I will fail now to meet the deadline. I will have to try and study this, but its not 5 mins work, meanwhile I have projected the text to surface, given it hatch and it doesnt fill with the layer colour, try as I might I cannot get the projected text to have a colour.

I presume thats because hatch needs to be planar, and the top has a slight curve perhaps, else its gremlins.


Decals are just masked images or textures. they work the same way as mapping textures on material confiiguration, they are not objects per sé like splitting contours on a surface.
what’s sugested above it to use PNG images with your text without background or split the surface with the letters to have different objects and apply different material to them.
If I were you I would choose splitting the surfaces because is easier to place in the right position. mapping a texture or a decal is not so handy for those tasks.