Hatch Display in Layout


My hatches won’t display at all in any of my layouts that I have imported from v5.
Is there a fix for this?

There are several variables, like scaling, display modes, objects in layout space or model space, …
Can you post a small sample?

Hi Lowel

So all problematic objects are in layout space.

I have discovered that its a problem with hatching, and also leaders.

Currently the block with the hatch is displaying everything except the hatch, but sometime the entire block wont display at all. much like the leader is not displaying at all in this fileLayout hatch problem.3dm (44.5 KB)

Thanks for posting the file and reporting this.
I looked at the file you posted and I’m not seeing exactly what you seem to be reporting.

In the file, I see 2 section markers which are blocks named LAYOUT_SECTION MARKER and LAYOUT_SECTION MARKER_with hatch, a rectangle with a solid hatch in it, and a rectangle with a leader in it, and some text notes about what the objects are. All of the objects are in Layout space.

When I explode the blocks, there is no hatch in the objects from either one.
The hatch in the rectangle shows properly.
The leader displays correctly and I can pick it.

However, I found a pretty serious bug in block display that I think must be what’s causing the problems you see.

So just to confirm - Did you make the block definitions for your section markers in Layout space? I know they’re inserted in Layout space, but I mean, did you also make the block definitions in Layout space?

If you make the block definitions in Model space, and then insert the blocks in Layout space (or Model space), do they work right?