Hatch disappears from detail when clipping plane is used

By “disappears” I mean it’s not displayed.

1625 Crittenden Middle School.3dm (8.0 MB)

Anything, anyone? We’re still having this issue.

Apologies for the delay… also email tech@mcneel.com if you need an answer to a question right away as we might miss something on the forum.

I looked over the file and as far as I can tell the hatch is behind the clipping plane and should be clipped. Am I misunderstanding the hatch, clipping plane, layout or detail to look at?


Clipping planes inactive:

Previous pic noted:

Here’s another one:

Co-planar hatches next to each other have different “visibility properties”:

1645 AVA Studio City - Leasing Center.3dm (10.1 MB)

These are two separate issues and the first one regarding the dots pattern is in my opinion a bug relating to that particular hatch pattern. I’ve filed it here for future reference…

The good news is that the bug doesn’t happen in the latest WIP of v6 and I have somewhat of a work around for you in v5. See the attached file which explains the issue I found. If the dots hatch is wider than shown, it disappears when viewed from the back of the clipping plane. So scaling the hatch a bit and copying it will get around the problem. Dots_hatch_not_shown.3dm (344.4 KB)

The leasing center file is another issue having to do with draw order. Ungroup the group with the lower hatch, select the hatch and use BringToFront in the detail view.

Thanks for these reports! Please feel free to email tech@mcneel.com with any files in the future too if you have questions or think there’s a bug.

Thanks a ton! Absolutely will report! I enjoy this interaction, just 'cause you guys really care for your product even if it’s not perfect (what is anyway, right?..).